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Business Blogs, A Surprising Marketing Tool

You probably think of blogging as something young people do to share their interests with friends all around the world.  Blogs can be used for that purpose, but they also make a surprising marketing tool.  If your website is deigned to allow you to run your own blog then why not use that blog to inform the public, give your business a more personal face and increase your profits all without costing you anything but, a little time and effort.

Here’s how to use a good blog as an effective marketing tool.

Use Your blog to teach and update your customers about your industry. By teaching and updating your customers about what is going on in your industry you are showing them that you have a passion for the business you are in and that you want to stay current with the   technology and new products and services in your business. If you attend seminars or classes in your business field, why not write about the experience. Current and potential customers will be impressed with your dedication to your business.

Use Your Blog to Mention your community activities. Blogs are a great place to talk about your ongoing roll in the community. Post pictures of yourself and even some of your customers supporting your local theater or charity event. Show a video of the kids in            your neighborhood enjoying that Christmas party or Easter Egg hunt that you helped to sponsor.

Use Your blog to create excitement over a new product you will be manufacturing, offering or   a sale you are preparing for. Don’t under estimate just how much interest you can generate in your business when you show enthusiasm for something that is new that          will somehow benefit your customers.

Use your blog to build a personal relationship between you and customers. Not                only should you post pictures of yourself occasionally but, you should include videos as well.  Also make sure that your blog is written in a personal voice as though you are telling your friends about your company. Don’t gear your blog to everyone but, rather                 think about the target audience you are trying to reach.

Encourage your readers to ask   questions and then answer them promptly. The more interactive your blog is the more your customers will feel like your friend and the more invested they will become in your success.  Most people prefer doing business with someone they know and trust or at least feel like they know and trust so the more friendly your blog is perceived, the more likely it is that your business will increase.

Remember that search engines love blogs. Learn a little about SEO and keep your blog fresh and interesting.  Search engines love blogs because they often relate the newest trends and ideas on  the web.

Using a blog to market your business will take some devotion from you but, in the long run it can become one of your best marketing tools. If your website doesn’t already have blog capabilities talk to a web designer and find out about adding one.  The one time cost of having a blog added to your website will pay for itself a thousand times over.

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