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Does Your Website Need A Make Over?

They say nothing good lasts forever and that is certainly true of websites.  With the fast paced changes in technology and the internet in order for your website to continue to be an effective marketing tool it needs to stay both modern looking and functional.  Does your website need a makeover? Here are some dead giveaways that it does.

Your Web Design Looks Old Fashioned. New technology and innovative ideas have taken web design to a whole new level in the last few years.  This means that your business website that you set up five years ago using the latest available designs at the time is now old news.  It no longer looks fresh and cutting edge but, rather like some old dinosaur.  If this is the case with your website it is time to consider having it redesigned in keeping with the modern Internet world.

Your Business Has Outgrown Your Website. You got your website to help your business grow and your website has done the job that it was designed to do almost too well.  Your business has become a household name and has outgrown your current website. Rather than lose all that great business it is time to have your website designed to keep up with your current business and help you expand even more.

Your Business Website Is Not As User Friendly As It Once Was-New technology has brought faster Internet speeds and new and more user friendly software increasing the speed and the convenience of Internet browsing. Which means that your website just may be out of date and less user friendly than it once was.  If your website:

Loads slowly

Has outdated back links

Is difficult to navigate

Has an older processing and payment system that is slow and difficult to follow

Then customers aren’t going to waste their time waiting around.  The newer technology has made it possible for people to browse the Internet faster than ever before and they simply aren’t going to have the patience to deal with a slow running website regardless of how great your products or services are.

Your Business Website is Getting Less And Less Traffic?

From time to time search engines change the way they do searches which can result in websites that were once front page on a search falling further and further from the top of the pile.  If your website is showing less and less traffic then it is time to get it redesigned to meet the changes in the SEO trends.

Your Website No Longer Seems To Connect With Your Visitors. It used to be that all you had to do was offer great products and services to connect with those people visiting your web page.  However,  with more and more social websites becoming the norm and people making virtual friends all over the world they want to feel that every website they visit is run by someone they feel they know and trust.  If your website doesn’t post pictures of you and your staff, does not have a blog where you keep potential customers updated about your business and community involvement it simply doesn’t connect with your visitors. If you have become a faceless entity in the Online world you are going to need to make some changes.

You also want to make sure that your website has not become too boring.  It needs to relate to your target audience in a personal way and you want your site to show the enthusiasm you feel towards your products and services.  Your visitors need to feel that you love what you do.

Your Site Is Still Getting Visitors But, Not Netting You Any More Business.  If your site is still getting plenty of views but, no one is purchasing what you have to offer then you certainly are going to need to redesign your website.  You want to make sure that your website clearly shows potential customers how they will benefit from your goods or services.  Today’s Internet customers don’t want to spend time figuring out whether or not they need a product or how it will benefit them and their families.  They want you to tell them straight out.  Then they want you to explain to them exactly what they need to do such as order the product or call your business to get the desired benefit.

The only way to keep your business website working for you and helping you to make the profits you deserve is by keeping your website updated and modern.  In some cases this may only take a few minor changes, in others a complete overall.  In either case it is important that you take the time and make the effort to identify any problems that your website is having and get them corrected as soon as possible. Let your website help your business move into the future.