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Effective Business Marketing: The Dos And Don’t Of An Email Campaign

Today people are relying more and more on their computers and the Internet to be entertained or simply to get the news. This gives businesses an attractive and low cost way to market themselves. Email campaigns can be an effective marketing tool but, there are some dos and don’ts you need to know about email marketing.
Do start building your own email marketing list from those customers you have currently. It is never good to purchase customer lists from outside your business.
Do take the time to survey your clients and make sure that they will be interested in being a part of an email campaign and find out what products and services, sales and promotions they will be most interested in hearing about.
Don’t include customers in your email campaign that clearly state they do not want to receive emails. This will only annoy those customers and may end up actually losing you business.
If your business has several types of services or products you may want to refine your email advertising and send different emails to suit the different interests of your clients. Don’t assume that one size fits all.
Do Use The Subject Line Of The Email Effectively
If you want your customers to open that email then you need to use the subject line to gain their attention. Otherwise they will simply delete it and your efforts will all be for naught. Tell them exactly who you are and what the email is about. For example, your subject line might read: Barclay’s Spring Fling Sale or Betty’s beauty boutique free wash and set with a premium manicure. Having a good idea what the email is about will make your customer more interested in seeing what you are offering.
Do Keep The Body Of The Email Short and Sweet and Tell the Customer What You Are Offering Right Upfront.
Using the Barclay’s spring fling sale as as example the body of your email should tell them that you are offering a spring sale then include bullet points on what the sale savings will be. Such as:

40% on selected home items

20% off all cleaning supplies

10% off garden tools

Don’t Be long winded or include information not likely to appeal to the customer. A long email may well lose their interest before they even start reading. Your email should only contain information that your client will find helpful or useful to them or their family.
Do make your email personal and friendly. Use their name if possible. Also put your most important information first so even if they only glance at your email they will get the gist of what you are marketing.
Do Have a clear call of action. Tell your customer what they should do next. Use terms like “order now and save” or “Don’t miss these savings.”
Do provide links that your customer can just click on if you are selling from your website or want them to have a chance to view the items that will be on sale. The easier you make things for your customer the more likely they are to purchase from you.
Do Include your business phone number and physical address. Local customers often like to shop in person and will appreciate the fact that you are supplying them with the information to do so.
Don’t send emails on Monday’s. Most customers email boxes will be fullest after a weekend off and they aren’t going to want to deal with any more emails than necessary. Sending those emails on Wednesday or Thursday will garnish a much better response.
Do Make use of the P.S. To make a last minute offer or to restate your call of action. Many times when people just scan an email the P.S. Will catch their eye and grab their attention.
Do follow up on your email campaign. You need to know how well the campaign is working and what you need to do to make it more effective. This may be something as simple as having your sales clerks ask how people heard about the sale, the new product or the special offers when they ring up the customers orders.
Do Consider hiring a professional for your email campaign if you find you lack the time or the talent to run one yourself. The investment you make will more than pay for itself in terms of the profits you may see rolling in with a good campaign under way.