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Effective Marketing Strategies That Really Work!
You can understand your business inside and out however, without some good marketing strategies it will be difficult for your business to grow and to be as successful as you would like it to be. Keep in mind that there are many effective marketing techniques that can earn you money without taking too many pounds out of your pocket.  Here are some marketing strategies that have been proven to work.
Begin by creating a marketing plan for the entire year. Like anything else you need to plan your marketing strategies for an extended period of time and then follow through on them.  To create a marketing plan first decide how much you can afford to spend on your marketing campaign then find ways to put those hard earned pounds to work getting the most for your money.
Create or update your web page. The very best way to reach millions of customers without spending millions of pounds is by having or updating your web page to attract customers from all over the world. Make sure that your website is search engined optimized to make it easy to find and that it has a variety of information that keeps people coming back time after time.
Give your business a human face. People like doing business with people not faceless businesses.  So take the time to give your business a face.  One great way of doing that is by creating a blog with your picture and then posting information that your customers and potential customers will find interesting.
Meet your customers needs.  If your website has a place where customers can make comments or pose questions, focus on what customers say they would need or like, to enjoy doing business with you even more and then implement changes based on those needs.  Customers will feel all the more special that you went out of your way to create a product or service that they find really useful.
Reward customer loyalty. One great way to ensure that you keep your old clients or customers while adding new ones is to reward customer loyalty.  You can do this by offering a bonus or discount to clients who bring in new business or who do a lot of business with you.  Customers who are rewarded for their loyalty become more loyal and often recommend your business to others.  Don’t under estimate the amount of free advertising word of mouth from loyal customers gives your business.
Join a Social Network. Joining a social network can be a great way to increase your business and you can do it simply by making friends online. You wouldn’t believe the opportunities you will have to mention your business without the need for hard sell tactics that so often turn potential customers away.  Keep in mind that the "status" area is a good place to mention sales or special products or services you may be offering.
Offer a Contest. Everyone loves a chance to win something even if it is only recognition. Holding a contest can cost you a small amount in prizes but increase sales for products by leaps and bounds. A contest can be anything from a food establishment holding a cook off, to a craft store rewarding a contestant for the most innovative craft using certain crafting materials to a business offering customers discounts for referrals or for spending the most money in their shop for the month.
You can also hold contests for naming a new product or product line or even for the salesperson who makes the most sales.  One great contest that keep those pounds rolling in is to make a video or have a customer tell why they like doing business with you then give everyone a small prize with larger prizes going to the best 5. You can then post these glowing testimonials on your website which will attract even more customers to your business.
Say a Periodic Thank you to your customers. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and saying thank-you to your customers every so often will have them feeling appreciative and doing even more business.  Thank yous can be as simple as taking the time to personally greet customers by name and ask about their families, to sending them holiday greeting cards, to offering them discounts or certain items. If you treat your customers like they matter to you, then you and the success of your business will matter to them.
Make Higher Priced Items More Affordable. In order to sell those more expensive items that garner a high profit why not make those items more affordable by offering a payment plan so that your customers can pay for an item they want or need over a period of time.  You might also throw in something free.  For example if a client buys a more expensive charcoal grill why not throw in a set of grilling utensils or a bag of charcoal so they feel as though they are getting more than they paid for.
Become active in your community. Join the neighborhood watch program, a book club, or sponsor a local charity event or sports team.  Hold a holiday celebration for the community or join in and donate to celebrations already established.  You’ll be surprised how much becoming an active member of your community will increase people’s awareness and support of your business.
Don’t Wait For People To Come To You.  Instead of waiting for business to come to you find ways to bring your business to various communities. Hire a booth at a festival or the local fair.  Offer free sample merchandise.  Show the community that you are willing to do what it takes to earn their trust and their business.
Provide people with useful information. Write an online article or ebook that people can download for free that will tell them how to do something useful.  For example, if you run a car garage writing a short ebook telling people how to inspect a used car before buying it will provide them with information they can actually use and then when their car needs repairs they are more likely to view you as someone who can help them than just someone they pick out of a phone book.   You might even hold a class at your garage showing people what to look for when inspecting a used car.  This will make an even greater impression because you took the time to help them learn something useful.
If possible accept competitors coupons or meet their prices.  It worked for other businesses and it can work for your business too.  By accepting coupons from other businesses or by meeting lower prices from another store you are giving potential customers two additional great reasons for doing business with you rather than with your competitor. It sends the customer the message that they are important to you and to your business and that you want to treat them right.  This is a pretty powerful message and is bound to help bring business to your door step.
If you can afford it hire a professional writer to help meet your needs. A professional writer can make your web pages more persuasive as well as more informative.  Just as you know your business inside and out a professional copywriter can make your written work stronger and more appealing to potential customers.  Which in turn will bring you more business.
The more effective and wide reaching your marketing strategies the more business you will bring to your company.  It really is that simple.