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Get Your Business On The Map: The Google Map That Is

Google has become the most powerful search engine on the Internet and it continues to grow daily. Almost 60% of all people doing Internet search use Google to conduct their searches and a full 1/3 of those using the Google search engines use it to find businesses in the area around them. What’s more people who are visiting locations also use Google to find local businesses they want to visit.

What this means is that getting your business on Google’s local map and using that map effectively can bring a ton of new customers to your doorstep.  Getting started is simple and easy.  Just follow these steps.

Submit and claim your business on Google’s local listing.  It is easy to submit your business to the Google local listings and in some cases your business may already appear in the listing and all you need to do is claim it.  Then once you confirm that the business is indeed yours you have the ability to update your listing.

Be sure to include the actual address of your business and your local phone number.

Make sure that you have the correct category tags and that these tags are tags people are likely to type in during searches. For example, if your business is a bed and breakfast then your search tags should include terms like BB, Lodging, accommodations.

Also include one of your categories in the title of your business claim.  Instead of just entering Jennifer’s By The Bay you might want to enter something Like Jennifer’s lodging by the bay or Jennifer’s by the bay lodging.

Make sure you fill out the description page.  This will give customers the information they feel they need  to know about you and your business.  Make sure you include information that makes your business seem like the ideal choice such as family accommodations, pet allowed, playgrounds and other items of interest.

Show off your business to it’s best advantage by posting photographs or even a video showing the inside and outside of your business and people enjoying themselves or your products.

Ask for customer reviews.  Good reviews helps to build trust between you and your potential customers and give them a familiar feeling about your business which will make them more comfortable.

Make sure that your business website has the same information as your Google map listing. Your businesses physical address, phone number and pictures of your business should appear on your homepage.

Having a Google map listing is like having 24/7 advertising working for you.  A Google listing makes your business easy to find and appealing for those looking for the products or services that you are offering.  It helps you stand out from the crowd and when combined with other marketing strategies can help to increase your business by leaps and bounds.

By making your business as easy as possible for potential customers and clients to find, you increase your business base and make your business seem even more attractive to potential customers.