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Great Publicity Ideas That Help Your Community And Promote Your Business

Becoming more active in your community not only helps your community but, promotes your business as well. When you and your company helps the community not only does this benefit the community as a whole but, the press releases, newspaper, radio and television coverage some of these activities get will promote your business in an extremely positive light. So, make sure you have a good press writer available and then get out there and become part of the community in some of the following ways.

Take part in career day and visit schools or even colleges and explain about your business and what it does. You can follow up with a program where you either offer students an internship program or allow them to shadow some of the members of your staff for a week to really learn what the job is about. Not only are you helping young members of your community learn more about a field that you love but you are increasing your businesses visibility in an extremely positive way.

Close the office for the day and have your entire staff donate their time to a soup kitchen or food pantry. Or design your own activity to raise money for the needy or an individual family who has high medical bills due to an accident or illness.

Hold a contest where the public can name a new product or offer suggestions for improvement. Have a special ceremony for the winner or winners.

Hold a fund raiser for charity. Hold a fun run, a children’s fun day, a garage sale, or a mini auction and have all the proceeds go to a local well deserved charity.

Take part in a community recycling program or go green in your office and publish an article on how you achieved your goals.

Hire a new employee or better yet get together with several other businesses and hold hiring day. With the poor economy, if you can get together enough other businesses to hire even ten people who desperately need jobs in your community you will not only get a lot of positive attention, but, will make your entire community stronger and more stable.

Write an article about surviving in a shaky economy and then present your article to a local business organization. Make sure that your article is not bragging but, actually offers helpful tips to other businesses.

Throw a party or host a summer picnic to say "thank you" to your current clients, employees and their families. This will not only build customer and employee loyalty but will promote your business as more than someone who is out to get their money.

Create a community oriented competition with another local business such as seeing which business can collect the most goods for a food pantry. Get your customers involved in helping you to win by offering them small discounts on items if they bring in a can or box of goods.

Donate needed items to a local school, children’s hospital or after school program.

Publish a book of stories written by local children complete with their drawings. Print your business name and company information in the front and back and then give away the books to parents and customers.

Give speeches about your business to local clubs or organisations or donate your time helping the unemployed to write resumes and practice for interviews.

Start a small scholarship fund for a deserving student or donate time each week to help shut-ins in your community.

Once you start working to help the community and have the press releases to inform everyone about these events include stories about these activities on twitter, Facebook, and other social websites. Blog about the activities in your blog and run pictures and videos of the activities as they are happening. Offer to write a column in your local paper telling other people ways to get involved in community efforts.

When the public sees that not only are you concerned with your businesses bottom line but with the welfare of your community as a whole they are going to be more than willing to support you and your business whole heartedly. Just remember, that it is not your taking part in one event one time that will help put your business on everyone’s radar but, your activity over the long haul that is going to make the difference. In the end, it won’t just be your business that benefits from your involvement but, your community as a whole and that is a great feeling.