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How Much Does It Really Cost To Have A Website Professionally Designed?

If you talk to 20 different businesses you will probably get 20 different answers on how much having a website designed costs. The fact is while most website designers can give you a basic fee for your website design there are several factors that can raise that fee.  Let’s take a look at some of the factors that influence the cost of having that website professionally designed and built.

The Purpose You Need A Website For

Personal websites need fewer pages and options than do business websites so you can expect to pay more for your business website than what your neighbor did for that personal website.  However, even among business websites prices are going to vary a lot depending on what you need a website for.  If your business website is just to help people doing a search find where you are located and give a little information about your business and little else then of course you can expect to pay less than you would for a website that gives you the ability to process orders and accept payments online or has hundreds of products for customers to browse through.

How Much Do You Want Your Website To Stand Out?

You also have to understand the price you pay for your web design is going to be partially based on all those extra features that you want added to help your website stand out.  While most professional website designers are dedicated to giving you an attractive website at a reasonable price, if you are going to want to add complicated flash ads and over the top graphics you can expect to pay more for those things.

This means that you need to weigh the benefits between the extra cost and how much extra business you feel that you will gain by standing out from the rest of your competition.

How Fast Do You Want Your Website Up And Running?

Web designers are skilled professionals who are dedicated to getting your website up and running in a reasonable length of time.  However, there is also an art to designing web pages and your web designer is dedicated to making sure that your website is both artistic and functional.  Giving your web designer ample time to accomplish this goal is always best.  However, if you want your website up and running yesterday, then be prepared to pay a significant amount more in order for them to keep up with a rushed order.

Before actually hiring a web designer it is best to actually take the time to talk to the company tell them exactly what you are looking for and how quickly you want to have your website up and running.  Give them as much information as possible and find out what their basic web design package includes and what it will cost.  Then find out what additional charges might arise and why.  Knowing exactly what to expect for your hard earned money will help you to make the important decisions regarding your website.

However, keep in mind that your website is an investment into the future of your business and paying a little more now may actually help your make larger profits in the future.

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