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How To Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly

The entire world has become more environmentally conscious over the last few years which is a good thing for the earth but, did you know that becoming more environmentally friendly can also save your business money? Making a few simple changes in the way your office runs and thinks can amount to saving your business several pounds a month. Money that your business can certainly put to more productive use.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

With a little practice recycling can easily become a habit that will save you money over the course of several months or a year. Here are a few ways you can recycle much of that office waste.

Use both sides of that paper. Instead of throwing that paper out that is written on just one side staple it together and put it in a bin for your employees to use for making notes. Then once both sides are written on take that paper to a local recycling bin.

Use emails instead of written memos. Sending emails to your workers instead of written memos will eliminate the need for paper for this simple task all together. In addition, you will be saving the printing ink used to print off those memos as well.

You can also recycle your toner either by sending the toner cartridges back to the company or taking them to one of the office supply places that offers rewards for recycling.

Read newspapers and journals online instead of purchasing the paper copies.

Find Ways To Use Less Energy

There are several ways you can cut energy in the office. While most will only save you a few pence a week together they can add up to big savings over time.

Turn the thermostat down just one or two degrees. If you have a programmable thermostat then set it so that the heat or air comes on just a short while before the work day begins and automatically shuts off or at least lowers shortly after the work day ends.

Make sure that routine maintenance is done on your heating and cooling system and that filters are checked, cleaned, and replaced as needed.

Check to see if your older building could benefit from added installation.

Turn off your computer equipment, copiers, faxes and other electrical appliances in your office.

Keep shredders, coffee pots and other appliances shut off and unplugged when not in use.

Turn out the lights in the office kitchen and bathroom areas when not in use.

Switch to energy saving light bulbs.

If possible allow workers to work from home one or two days a week, this will drastically cut down on the power being used in the office each month.

Order products from companies that deliver. This will save you petrol money as well as time.

Encourage employees to car pool to help reduce their own cost for petrol.

Save On Travel Expenses and Fuel

When ever possible instead of travelling to meetings across town or around the country set up teleconferences. This will save travel fuel and expenses and also will make more use of everyone’s working hours as they won’t be spending a portion of their productive time tied up in travelling to various meeting.

Other Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

There are several other things you can do to help the environment and your business. You can start a recycling bin for cans and bottles at work. You can also encourage your employees to take part in local recycling efforts in their communities and you can take part as well. You can post a blog on ways to recycle on your website to help other businesses and customers as well come up with environmentally sound products and ideas.

Being environmentally in tune will not only help the environment and your community but, it will also help your business save money as well.