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How Your Website Can Effectively Market Your Business

When potential customers or clients visit your website they do so looking for one simple answer.  How can this business help me or my family?  It’s that simple.  People want to know what you can offer that will make their lives simpler or easier, give them the advice they need to save their child’s education or how having your product can make life more fun or entertaining.
If your website is going to effectively market your business it has to show them that you can help your customer or client because:
You not only  understand their problem but, that you can offer them solutions to  that problem that have proven to work for others.
You are not  just some faceless business out there.  This is a business of real  people with real dreams just like those your client or customer may  have.  Show this by pictures of you on your website and giving a bit  of interesting detail about you on the about us page.  Form a  connection with your potential clients by becoming a real person to  them, someone they can like and trust.
You have  expertise they can use and you are willing to share it with them.   Include articles or videos on your web pages that tell your  potential customers or clients how to do something useful or offer  advice that may help them deal with a problem related to the  business you are in. For example, if your business is a beauty shop  then offer advice on some easy dos for long hair, or other advice  that your potential customer can really use.  If you offer products  why not offer real unbiased product reviews.  A customer is more  likely to buy from a company that offers them the real scoop on the  good products that are available and allows them to make an informed  decision.
They can find  answers to the questions they have. Have a clear question and answer  page where the potential customer can easily find answers and if the  answers they are looking for are not there then allow them to email  you and reply back promptly so their problem can be solved or the  question answered without undue wait.
Your web page  explains each and every product you carry in detail so your client  can find out exactly what they want to know about any given product  without having to guess.
You’ve done  the research so they don’t have to.  Many customers have emotional  reasons for wanting something but, want facts to back up their  reasons.  However, doing the research to find the facts they need is  often frustrating when a customer wants something and wants it NOW.   So do the research and give them all the good reasons why your  product is an excellent buy.  The more facts you have to back up  their impulses the more likely they are to purchase the product.  If  they have to take the time to research for themselves they are much  more likely to change their mind.
You have  glowing testimonials from past or ongoing clients that rave about  both your products and your services.  You want to include those  testimonials that speak highly of how you have personally helped  them and when things have gone wrong how you have gone out of your  way to make things right.
You give  clear directions for what they do next next.  Directions such as  enter your email if you want notifications for sales, newsletters or  free ebooks giving advice. Other directions may include urging them  to call for price quotes or to order by clicking on pay here.
Most people want to do business with companies that have a human face, that are trust worthy and that make things as easy as possible for them.  If your website is doing all that then it is an effective marketing tool for your business.  If it is falling short, then it is not too late to get your website re-designed to make it as effective as it can be.