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Important Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Web Designer

So, you have finally made the decision that it is time for you to have that business website that you have been talking about.  You know that the first thing you need to do is hire a good web designer who can design the kind of website that will show your business off and will bring in more business.  But, just what kind of questions should you be asking potential web designers before choosing one to design your website?  Here are some important questions that you need to be asking and if you don’t like the answers they give then move on and find a Web designer that can answer these questions to your satisfaction.
What experience does the  company and web designers have? You  want a company that has been in business for a minimum of 5 years  preferably in the same location, as this shows that the business is  stable and meeting the needs of the community.  You may also want to  know how many websites or pages they have designed and ask to see  samples of their work.
Will my website be worked on by  people with technical skill and graphic design and SEO skills. While it is important that your website works like it is supposed  to, you also want people working on your website design that will  make it look both attractive and professional and have the know how  to make it rate well in the search engines.  After all, it isn’t  going to matter if your website works if no one can find it or are  turned off by the lay out and design.
Does the company use the  current programming and software? Computer  programming is a rapidly changing business and you want a web design  company that keeps up on the latest changes and the newest software  programs so that your website is as fresh as possible when it comes  to both function and design.
What size projects are you most  familiar with? In other words  is this a company that usually only designs personal websites or are  they able to give you the number of pages and features that your  business website will need.
What types of companies have  you designed websites for? You  want to make sure that if you have an ecommerce website that the web  design company has had experience designing this type of website.   Some companies may only design certain types of websites or for  certain types of companies as a general rule and you want to make  sure the company can create the most effective website for your  business if they take on the job.
Have you designed websites for  companies the size of mine before? If  you are a small business you want to make sure that the web design  company understands the needs of the smaller business.  Likewise if  you are a larger corporation you want a design company that has  designed websites for other businesses your size.
Will there be someone who will  explain to me each step of the web design process as you advance  from step to step. You are  going to want to understand how your website is being designed and  that your needs and wants are being taken into consideration during  every step of the process.
Will I be able to process  orders online? If you are  selling goods being able to process online orders will be important  to your expanding business.  You also want the web design company to  walk you through the processing process so that you know exactly how  it is supposed to work.
Which payment processing  company will my website be using and how does the system work. A  basic understanding of how the payment system works will help you  run your website more efficiently once it is ready to go.
If my business sells ebooks  will there be a way to have it automatically delivered? Customers aren’t going to want to purchase an ebook unless they can  immediately download it after they pay for it.
Will my website have the  potential for customers to sign up for my mailing list. If  your business is the type of business that uses mailing lists, and  most businesses do nowadays you are going to want a way to capture  names and addresses for future use.
How do I pay for your services? Find out whether the company  makes a payment schedule where you pay for various parts of the  website as they are completed or if they charge the entire fee  upfront.  If they charge an upfront fee find out what guarantee they  offer that you will be satisfied with your website when it is  completed.
Will you re-design parts of the  website that I am not satisfied with? Make  sure that the company is going to design a website that you like and  functions the way you want it to.
Is hosting included with your  services or do I need to pay for that separately?
How will you address problems  that arise with my website? Find  out how long you have to check out the site once it is completed and  how they will address any problems.  You also might like to know if  they handle maintenance of your site and if there is an extra charge  for doing so.
Will I be able to add my own  content easily. Most business  websites need to be able to add content from time to time to keep  their customers and clients updated.  Every good web design should  allow for this making adding content easy and simple for business  owners that are not completely computer literate.
May I talk to some of your past  clients and view their web pages? Most  good web designers will be eager to allow you to talk to some of  their past clients and will be happy to show you some of their work.
You want to have a website that looks and performs professionally and the only way you can make that happen is by taking the time to ask the questions that will allow you to find the right web designer for your web pages.