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Thinking Outside The Box: Low Cost Marketing Ideas To Help Create Big Business Returns!

With more and more businesses operating on shoe string budgets these days, you simply may not have the advertising capital to compete with those big companies who seem to have unlimited capital for selling their business to the public.  However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use a few Guerrilla marketing tactics to get your business headed towards bigger profits.
What is Guerrilla Marketing

Although the name Guerrilla Marketing sounds somewhat menacing this type of marketing isn’t menacing at all.  Rather it is finding innovative ways to get your product noticed by the public without spending hundred of thousands of  pounds in advertising. Guerrilla marketing is simply using non mainstream techniques and locations to help market your business or profits.  Here are a few tried and true guerrilla marketing techniques you may want to try.
Free Samples-Even  big name food companies use this advertising trick when introducing  products.  You’ve probably seen those people giving away samples in  your local grocery store. Most people love trying things for free  and if they like the samples they usually to pay their hard earned  money to buy more.  Of course you don’t have to limit your give away  to stores try a booth at local festivals or fairs where people are  always hungry. For small food type products you can also offer buy  one get one free especially at festivals and fairs where there are a  lot of people in a small area all who want and need to be fed.
Create A Limited Time  Competition.  You can do this  either with another co operative company or with your own sales  staff.  Provide a lot of cheap publicity for the even by using  posters or flyers and create a stir about the products that you want  the public to notice. You can even set up a community golf  tournament, basketball game, or other sporting event with other  companies to keep your name in the papers and in front of the  public.
Make An Offer To A Well Known,  Publicized, and Attended Charity. Either  give money to the charity, help host the charity or offer one of  your products for a charity auction.  The free publicity you get  from doing any one of these three things will be worth far more than  spending thousands of pounds in advertising.
Paper A Large Area. This  works great if you are having a grand opening or having a large sale  on a product.  Simply print flyers that tell about your business,  products, services, and the items on sale and then place them in  every business establishment in a large area.  People love getting a  deal and they will flock to your business to see what all the  commotion is about.
Become An Expert In Community.   This works especially well for service type businesses. Vet’s  publish articles on pet care and choosing a pet.  Beauty shops offer  tips on caring for hair and nails. If you offer a service and become  known as an expert in your field to the local population your name  and business will be the first they think of when wanting the  service you provide.
Offer To Give A Presentation. Visit schools, libraries, and  clubs and offer to give a presentation about something interesting.   It doesn’t have to relate to your business it can be about a  favorite hobby or something else the community may find interesting.   Then have your name, business and contact information printed on  the programs, flyers, and worksheets.
Be A Noticeable and Active  Member of Your Community. Host  a blood or toy drive. Donate children’s books to a local library and  then spend a Saturday afternoon being a reader. Host a walk-a-thon  and donate the money to a needed charity.  Become known as someone  who does not just do business in the community but, someone who  cares about the community they live in.
Open Your Business To The  Public In Fun Ways. Encourage  children and their parents to visit your business for Halloween or  Easter and hand out non sweet treats such as pencils or balloons  with your advertising on it. Have a drawing for a money or product  prize.  Make the event fun for all by having your staff dress up in  fun Halloween costumes or as Easter bunnies.
Use Social Media For All Your  Advertising. However, don’t do  the hard sell. Post pictures from charity and other community  events.  Post pictures of your employee of the month, or other  interesting news items related to your community or business and  then when when you advertise those sales or new items people will be  more likely to shop simply because they feel as though they are part  of your social community not just some mark you are using to make a  sale.
Don’t Forget You Tube! You  really don’t need to pay out all those pounds for local television  advertising when you can post your own advertising on You Tube for  free.  Of course, you want to be sure that your advertising is  witty, silly, or has some great angle that catches the eye and helps  your video go viral.
The truth is that marketing a businesses doesn’t have to be incredibly costly.  There is nothing that people like more than to see businesses who use the homespun and fun approach to marketing their goods and services and the best form of advertising is having a community spirit and let word of mouth and innovative ideas do the rest.