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Using Twitter To Market Your Business: How Tweet It Is

Small businesses with limited marketing pounds need to find innovative ways to market their business and products at little or no upfront costs.  Social networking sites are one great way to market your business for free and Twitter as one of the most popular sites is a great place to start.

What Is Twitter

For those of you who don’t already know, Twitter is a social website where people interact with their friends called followers in small 140 character status messages known as Tweets.  This is called micro blogging and if used correctly can be an effective way for small businesses to connect with current and potential customers and clients.  However, in order for Twitter marketing to be effective there are a few tips and tricks you should know, here are a few helpful suggestions.

Take the time to create an online presence

Don’t just sign up for a twitter account and then start selling your business and products. Start out with just some friendly conversation and developing some people to follow and followers of your own. You can casually mention your business in these conversations but, don’t go for the hard sell at this point. However, don’t hesitate to make full use of your profile page by posting your business and pictures of it on your profile.  That way when new followers check your profile they will learn of your business.

Get Your Followers Involved

Once you have established yourself as a Twitter regular (don’t overdo this a few tweets a day is sufficient) then get your followers involved by asking questions or taking a few polls.  They will be touched that you are asking their opinion and will be much more open to finding out more about your business.

Start Announcing Sales And Promotions In a Friendly Manner.

Keep the announcements simple and make them sound more like conversation than a sales pitch. For example you can tweet something like “Busy day today getting ready for our store wide 40% off sale.” Never underestimate the soft sale approach for peaking peoples interest.

Answer All Questions Related To Your Business

People are going to start asking questions about your business, some to simply make conversation others because they are truly interested in the goods or services you are providing.  Showing that you are willing and able to answer all their questions openly and honestly will help you acquire customers. This is really your chance to promote your business through Twitter.

All Things In Moderation

Promote your products, inform your followers of sales, contests, and special promotions, show you are an expert when it comes to your business but, do all these things in moderation.  If you post too many tweets too frequently you will be considered a spammer and will lose followers and potential customers as well.  There is a fine line between selling your business and products and becoming a bore to other Twitter users.  Make sure that you don’t cross the line or all your efforts will be wasted.

The key to using Twitter to promote your small business is to be balanced, being interesting and friendly with being professional.  You also want to balance informing your followers of deals and promotions that may be helpful to them in some way more than trying to hard sell your business or products.

Remember even though there are several other businesses being promoted on Twitter it is first and foremost a social networking site so the more social you can keep your business marketing plan on Twitter the more business you are likely to get.  Just take your time and proceed slowly until you get a feel for how everything works and then once you understand how everything works you can go full steam ahead.