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Web Design Firms: What Their Own Websites Can Tell You.
If you know what to look for, looking at different web design firms websites can tell you most of what you need to know about which web design firms you should consider hiring.
If you were thinking about hiring a landscaping firm you wouldn’t hire one whose merchandise consists of dead and diseased plants so why would you consider hiring one of the many web design firms without viewing their own business website?
The truth is that there are many web design firms out there each vying to get your business and each telling you that they are the best in the business and can design any type of website you need. But, the "proof" as they say "is in the pudding" and in the case of web design firms it can be found in their own company websites. That’s right you can actually tell which web design firms are worth hiring and which are not simply by taking a long look at their own websites.

Web Design Firms With No Website
Believe it or not that are actually web design firms out there who have no business website of their own. Some of these web design firms will offer potential clients excuses for the lack of a business website such as they have been too busy working to meet their clients needs and haven’t had time to build their own website.
Don’t be taken in by these excuses, web design firms need to have a functional and attractive website as much or more than your business does. If these web design firms can’t find the time to get their own website up and running what does that say for the chances that any of these web design firms are going to deliver a great website for your business?
What To Look For In Web Design Firms Websites
Web design firms who have no websites are the exception rather than the rule. So knowing what to look for among the web design firms websites to choose the good from the not so good web design firms is essential. Here are some things that good web design firms website should have.
Good web design firms websites  have an easy to follow layout. This doesn’t mean that you have to  find their website personally appealing or something you want for  your business. But, it does mean that the layout should be easy to  read and the information you need should be easy to find.
Good web design firms have  on site portfolios. If a web design firm is good, they are proud of  their work and more than happy to provide samples you can browse  through to get a feel for the quality of work that they do. If any  web design firms websites  lack portfolios ask yourself why they might not want you to see  their past work.
Good web design firms want you to know what other services they offer and  give you contact information so that you can ask questions, arrange  a meeting or talk to a representative. They also are willing to  offer you a free web design quote
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