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What Is The Difference Between A Web Design Quote And A Web Design Estimate?

Most people find it a wise idea these days to do some comparison shopping before they agree to hire a company’s services. However, many people end up paying more than they bargained for because they don’t understand the difference between a Web Design Quote and an estimate.
What a Web Design Quote Is And How It Differs From an Estimate

A web design quote is usually given to a client by a web design company after a Representative of the company has spoken with the client and has ascertained what the client is seeking in their web design. Most web design quotes represent the price the agency will charge to create your web design and all the revisions, within reason for. An estimate on the other hand is a ball park figure that an agency gives a customer which is in order to leave the field clear for tacking on additional charges and making more money. Never hire a web design agency that does not give you a web design quote.
How Can I Make Sure That The Web Design Quote Is the Price The Company Will Charge for the Web Design?
When an agency gives you a web design quote ask them to tell you exactly what that quote includes. At the very least your web design quote should include the design itself and all the necessary revisions. Look for hidden costs such as phone call charges (should you call with questions) or initial consultation fees. These should be included in your web design quote or be free.
What Won’t Be Covered By A Web Design Quote?
Almost every web design agency will charge you extra fees above your web design quote for major changes you want to make in your web design such as the addition of a lot of flash graphics that were not originally agreed upon or if you decide you want to include other graphic functions in your web design package. The extras your web design quote does not cover should be spelled out in the contract.
Do All Design Agencies Give A Web Design Quote Upfront?
Not all web design agencies will give a web design quote right up front. Many will give you an estimate, have you sign the contract, do the work and then charge you for their services. It is risky to deal with a company that does not give you a web design quote upfront as you often end up paying more than you bargained for by the time your website is completed.
Tate Graphic Design not only gives you a web design quote upfront. But, they actually have a place on their website that you can fill in to get a web design quote before you decide to hire them. You can then use this web design quote in part of the decision making process when deciding whether or not you want to hire their company.
So why not contact Tate Graphic Design today at and get your free web design quote today?