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Why You Should Include Social Media As Part of Your Marketing and Publicity Plans

Most business people feel that social media is well for socializing and that it really has no place in their marketing or publicity plans. However, this narrow thinking may actually be limiting their ability to promote their products and services and to gain a wider customer base. If you are not sure about including social media into your marketing or publicity plans then consider the following.
In order for any marketing or publicity campaign to be truly beneficial you have to go where the people are and whether you like it or not social websites are the most popular places on the Internet. Consider these statistics.

FaceBook has more than 500 million active users. 50% of these users log into their FaceBook account each and every day.

MySpace has 66 million users

Twitter rates 190 million visitors per month

With so many people choosing to visit these sites each and every day shouldn’t you make it easy for them to find out about your business?
Also stop to consider that social websites use interactive formats. This means that they offer the perfect place for potential customers to ask questions to find out more about your business and you to answer those questions. In addition, social websites gives you an opportunity to do some soft sell instead of always having to rely on those hard sell techniques.

In addition social media gives you more ways to promote your website and blogs about your business. Not only can you include relevant business information in your profile, but you can tweet about a new blog post, Post information about your industry on your FaceBook page, And post How to videos on You Tube that shows not only are you an expert in your field but, that you keep up with the latest technology.
With so many people spending time on these Social media sites why not let them spend a little bit of that time with you and your business. You can use these sites to announce sales and contests, Give useful and helpful information and inform them what you are doing to help your community. In other words your business can become a real visible presence. Best of all it is Free!

So go ahead make a few friends, send a few tweets and allow those social media sites work to promote your business and your products. To a social media phrase. With 500 million viewers you can’t go wrong.